The Congregation at Duke University Chapel

The Vocation of the Saints

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The Vocation of the Saints: Set Free in Christ to Serve our Neighbors

presentation at Adult Forum by
The Rev. Amanda Highben
November 17, 2019

Prior to the Reformation, the Roman Catholic church taught that only those who undertook monastic orders possessed vocations and served God through their work in the church. This idea reinforced a rigid hierarchy between celibate priests and a married shoemaker, for example, wherein the "holy" priest was closer to God in light of his call. But Martin Luther and the Reformers broke open this repressive system by teaching that all Christians have a sacred calling; be they single or married, professors or plumbers, retired seniors or parents at home caring for their children, Christ's followers serve God and their neighbors in diverse and unexpected ways. Join us as we dig into a deeper understanding of vocation and discern how Jesus calls us to embody his radical love for others through our everyday lives and work.