The Congregation at Duke University Chapel

Working the Back of the House at Duke Chapel

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A Back of the House at Duke Chapel
Dog and Pony Show
The Ops Team: The Unseen Tale of
Blue and White

presentation at Adult Forum by
Ellie and Jim Ferguson
Congregation members
March 5, 2017

Murky History - not Fake News ☺

  • Will's arrival occasioned the evolution of both the Altar Guild and Ushers as they now exist - coincident with the formation of the Congregation.
  • Altar Guild - Marge Jones & Alice Phillips
  • Ushers - migration from students to current mix.
  • Rick, Russ, and GQ [1]

[1]The Gospel Quartet = the crucifer, two candlebearers, and the one who carries the Bible for the reading of the Gospel by one of the Lectors in the center aisle during the worship service


  • Serve the Chapel Administration, not Congregation, thus not all are Congregation members
    • Example: request for communion service during a Congregation wedding
  • Both groups are responsible year round - 52/52 - for example, even during Congregation Retreats
  • Altar guild pool is 15, ushers is 19
  • Normal Sunday: Ushers (weekly e-mail/rosters/assignment rotation)
  • Communion Sundays: Altar guild; 2) Ushers
  • Christmas and Easter: 1) Altar guild; 2) Ushers

Deck the Halls

You can watch a brief time-lapse video of the hanging of the greenery, etc. in preparation for the Christmas season in Duke University Chapel, as organized by Ellie and Jim Ferguson.