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We Treat, Jesus Heals


We Treat, Jesus Heals

presentation at Adult Forum by
Walker Robinson, M.D.
Congregation member
March 4, 2012

We Treat, Jesus Heals:
Medical Missions in Kenya

Walker Robinson
March 4, 2012

map of Africa
map of Kenya

In addition to being the primary hospital for the area’s 1 million people, Tenwek is also a referral hospital that receives patients from other parts of the country. Tenwek’s staff, which now totals 500 employees, treats more than 14,000 inpatients and 120,000 outpatients each year. Approximately 3,000 major surgeries and 2,500 deliveries are also performed at Tenwek each year. In addition, several thousand people find Christ as Savior each year, and many more are impacted through Tenwek’s compassionate ministries and training programs.

[From a World Gospel Mission page about Kenya, blending information retrieved on 2012-03-08 with prior versions of that page.]

photo of Tenwek Hospital
aerial photo of Tenwek Hospital

photo of Tenwek Hospital sign

the fertile highlands of the Bomet District, Kenya

doctors visiting during rounds in the hospital

doctors performing surgery on a patient

infant patient

patient in wheelchair

row of incubators for premature babies

photo of a dozen beds in ward of hospital

worship service in adjacent chapel

photo of the cook for the guest house

photo of waterfall where some electricity is generated

photo of Bemm family
Bemm Family

photo of Roberts family
Roberts Family

photo of “McCropders” families
video of McCropders work

photo of 4 doctors / interns
Josh, Dr. Walker Robinson, Hannah, and Yvonne

photo of 3 story guest house

photo of 24 youth and adults
visiting mission team from Carmel Baptist Church and others of Charlotte, NC

photo of building for nursing school
Tenwek School of Nursing

photo of chaplain reading with/to patients waiting outdoors
Chaplain working at Tenwek

photo of Bible verse above whiteboard schedule for the day
Outside the Operating Theatre at Tenwek

God is good all the time

sign for Tenwek Community Health

children outside orphanage

working in the field

children singing


Thank you for listening, or as the Kenyans say:
Asante sana!

For anyone who is interested in donating to the hospital:

  • You may send checks to Walker Robinson who would convey it to the right people at Samaritan's Purse.
  • You may also choose to donate to the "McCropders", which you can do through the website. There is a link at the upper right-hand side of the front page for "Donation information". It looks like you have to donate to an individual family, but ultimately it is all going for the same cause.
  • You may visit to support the hospital’s Needy Patient Fund. You may also make checks payable to World Gospel Mission and write Tenwek Hospital or Tenwek’s Needy Patient Fund on the memo line. Send donations to:
          World Gospel Mission
          P.O. Box 948
          Marion, IN 46952-0948