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The Right Posture for Holy Relationships

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The Right Posture for Holy Relationships through Cultural Humility

presentation at Adult Forum by
The Rev. Ismael Ruiz-Millan
director of the Hispanic House of Studies, Global Education, and Intercultural Formation at Duke Divinity School,
and guest preacher in Duke University Chapel
December 1, 2019

The political environment as well as the rhetoric and acts of hate in our society makes it difficult for any person to engage in authentic ways with our community. We are so cautious that we prevent ourselves from meaningful and holy friendships - we prevent ourselves from being a good neighbor. Ecclesial spaces are not the exception, we are often very careful of not having "the wrong people" in our pews, that instead of becoming exemplars of holy relationships, we often become exclusive spaces. In this class, by taking a close look to the principles of cultural humility, participants will learn about the posture needed in order to be a good neighbor that fosters holy relationships.


• Lord, open unto me by Howard Thurman(Adapted)
• Open unto us — light for our darkness.
Open unto us — courage for our fear.
Open unto us — hope for our despair.
Open unto us — peace for our turmoil.
Open unto us — joy for our sorrow.
Open unto us — strength for our weakness.
Open unto us — wisdom for our confession.
Open unto us — forgiveness for our sins.
Open unto us — love for our hates.
Open unto us — Your Self for our selves.
• Lord, Lord, open unto us! Amen.

Jesus is constantly encountering us...

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Cultural Arrogance