The Congregation at Duke University Chapel

Deep River

For the ears, you can listen to an audio recording [high fidelity audio playable under all personal computer operating systems via VLC media player, Microsoft Windows Media Player with the codecs for FLAC et al, OS X QuickTime with the XiphQT plugin, etc., on many Android-based mobile devices, and on iOS-based mobile devices via apps such as FLAC Player or Golden Ear]

Deep River: Listening and Reflecting on the Life and Legacy of Howard Thurman

presentation at Adult Forum by
The Rev. Dr. M. Keith Daniel
Madison Consulting Group, LLC
January 20, 2019

Books by Howard Thurman which were mentioned:

With Head and Heart, his autobiography

"How Good it is to Center Down" from Meditations of the Heart

Jesus and the Disinherited His most notable book, recommended as the first one to read.

The Growing Edge

The Luminous Darkness

Deep River and The Negro Spiritual Speaks of Life and Death

Disciplines of the Spirit

The Search for Common Ground

You may also listen to the two sermons preached by Howard Thurman in Duke Chapel in 1979

There is a forthcoming documentary on Howard Thurman, and some additional information about this film.

A book Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr was also noted.