The Congregation at Duke University Chapel


photo of Carol

The Risen Jesus said to his fearful disciples, "Peace be with you" and "As the father has sent me, so I’m sending you." (John 20:21) The same Divine authority that sent Jesus into our world, sends us into the same world. In meditating on this passage, Biblical scholar N.T. Wright, writes,

"But, you say, that’s absurd! Jesus was Jesus; we are weak, frail, muddled humans. We’re going to get it wrong. And even if we get it right, sometimes, it won’t work. Nothing will happen. But the truth of Easter is not just that Jesus himself was raised from the dead by the power of God. The truth of Easter is that that same power is now unleashed into the lives of all who believe in Jesus, all who follow him, so that he can continue his work – through them."
(from Lent for Everyone; Year B)

We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus for in this miraculous event we find forgiveness of sin, the promise of new life now, and the hope of eternal life to come. Do we also celebrate the resurrection for the call it places on our lives? For the work our Lord empowers us to do? Jesus sends us into the world he loves to continue his work. In all ages and stages of life, this is our calling and purpose. Can you think of anything more exciting, demanding, and humbling?

"As the father has sent me, so I’m sending you."

Peace be with you.