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Adult Bible Study on Corinthians

In the first letter to the Corinthians, the apostle Paul calls the believers to live the faith more fully and faithfully. He addresses the conflicts within the church by lifting up the ethic of love. Please join the Congregation’s Divinity School Intern, Denise Noble, in a ten-week exploration of this letter. The class will begin on Sunday, January 15 at 9:45 a.m. in Westbrook 0015, located in the lowest level of the Divinity School.

Adult ForumUntitled.png

On Sunday mornings during the academic year, adults meet for the Adult Forum from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m in the lowest level of the Divinity School. With a variety of guest speakers, the Adult Forum offers presentations and discussions on a wide range of topics. The thought-provoking topics include Biblical studies, current social issues and the work of mission agencies. Adult Forum meets in room 0012 of the Westbrook Building. Some recent and upcoming leaders and subjects are:

January 1, 2017 [no classes on News Year's Day]  
January 8, 2017 [class postponed due to ice]  
January 15, 2017 The Rev. Christopher Ross, Congregation member Let Us Pray
Congregation member Christopher Ross+ will lead a discussion around such questions as: What do we mean when we say, "Let Us Pray"? What exactly is it that we are about to do? What do you do when you pray? And how do you know that you're doing it "right"?
January 22, 2017 The Rev. Dr. Carol Gregg, Pastor to the Congregation The Sacraments: Baptism
January 29, 2017 Crawford Stevener, Reformed University Fellowship Campus Minister at Duke University Christians Tell the Best Stories Evaluating cultural narratives and how the Christian story leads us to hope in a world desperately seeking it.
February 5, 2017 Vanessa Hawkins, Associate for Nurturing Ministries, Presbytery of New Hope Testimony as a Communal Act of Spiritual Praxis
February 12, 2017 Rev. Dr. Luke Powery, Dean of the Chapel A Conversation about Preaching and Politics
February 19, 2017 The Rev. Dr. Carol Gregg, Pastor to the Congregation The Sacraments: Communion

We have been quite fortunate to have many inspiring messages and challenging words brought to our class by our peer leaders and by internationally recognized experts and theologians. Might you wish to scan our growing list of those who have previously led our class to remember a topic upon which you hunger to hear more?

Lectionary Bible Study

For many years members have gathered to discuss the Sunday lectionary texts. The lectionary study meets on the first Friday of the month at 10:00 am in the library at The Forest at Duke, 2701 Pickett, Durham. Participants explore the history, context, and meaning of the text.

Disciple Classes

The Congregation has a history of offering an in-depth Bible study called Disciple: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study. Disciples is a program of disciplined Bible study which draws on the work of Biblical scholars and includes weekly group discussion as well as individual study. Classes are organized according to participants' interest.

Book Groups

During Lent, as well as other times of the year, the Congregation organizes book groups. The groups meet weekly for four to six weeks to stimulate thoughtful discussion as well as sustained fellowship.

New Member Class

A four-week membership class, offered each spring and fall, is an opportunity to learn more about the Congregation and consider the possibility of membership. The class meets on Sunday mornings from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m. in the lowest level of the Divinity School.